Day-to-Night Outfit

Thinking of a day-to-night outfit can get a little difficult, especially when you’re thinking of an outfit that’s appropriate to wear to work. The first few weeks of fall is that awkward time where I’m not really sure what to wear because it’s not technically warm, but it isn’t really cold either so I’m pretty much in-between wardrobes. Walking around in the city and taking the subway can be hectic, so whether I’m grabbing dinner with friends or meeting them for drinks after work, being comfortable is essential. I have a few dresses I’ve been trying to wear more often, but sometimes I find that wearing pants is just more convenient.   I wanted to wear this dress I purchased two seasons ago, but it’s a little shorter than I would normally wear to work so I paired the dress… View Post

How to Double-up on Stripes

Back in the day, doubling up on prints and patterns were kind of a no-no, but things have certainly changed since then. I’ve actually been hesitant to wear them myself because it can require some thought into putting an outfit like that together, and let’s be real, when you have to be at work at 8:30 in the morning like I do, getting ready in a certain amount of time is key! My style has changed so much over the years, that now, I try not to think too much about matching so perfectly. When it comes to fashion, I like to have fun, and by fun, I mean… take risks. Isn’t that what life’s all about anyway????   So as I got dressed the other day, I was determined to tackle the print/pattern combo. I’ve really been into stripes… View Post