The Glen Plaid Blazer

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this post with you guys, and it’s all about the glen plaid blazer, a must have for this season (and seasons to come). Because we’re at the end of October, it should be a bit colder out but the weather in NYC hasn’t quite gotten there just yet so for now, this plaid blazer will be on repeat. I’m actually happy blazers are going strong this year. Two years ago I got rid of some, and now I tell myself I need to really think before I decide to let go of certain items. As I mentioned in my previous posts, certain styles are born to make a comeback one way or another… I’ll give you an example…I purchased a jacket from a vintage shop in Brooklyn, Beacons Closet, two seasons ago and it… View Post

Over The Knees & Graphic Tees

OK, so where do I begin with these over the knee (OTK) boots from Marc Fisher?! I got them from the Nordstrom sale about a month ago and couldn’t wait to break them in. I guess I could list down all the reasons why I love them, but you’d probably be here for a while so I’ll try to spare you! First things first…let’s talk about how versatile they are. Most people think you can only wear OTK boots in the fall, and while they are a huge staple for this season, I’m a believer you can also wear them into the colder months which tend to be between December and February in NYC. I was feeling edgy and a little experimental when I put this look together. I think it’s because I wanted to think outside of the box.… View Post

The Little Jean Dress

You know that time of the year when you need to clear out your closet so you can make room? Yep, I’m sure all of you NYC peeps know exactly what I’m taking about…. So while I was doing my yearly summer to fall closet switch, I stumbled upon this jean dress I’ve had from Forever21 for at least 4 years. I think the last time I wore it was for my friend’s backyard bridal shower and I totally forgot I owned one. I was this close to getting rid of it, but I know when certain fashion trends make a come back, I always regret giving away items I think might resurface. So as I realized this dress might come in handy one day, I figured I could put together a few looks and If I ended up liking them,… View Post