The Chunky Winter Boot

This winter has been brutal, and if your a New Yorker and your reading this, I’m sure you feel my pain! It takes a lot of effort to get ready and bundling up takes the fun out of dressing up, am I right? Finding winter gear this time of the year is important, especially if your walking a lot during the week. I always look for comfort, style, and versatility. Versatility is a big focus for me these days. If an item can’t be warn with more than one outfit, it’s gotta go back where it came from, LOL. So when the snow storm hit us a few weeks ago (we had a little something yesterday, but it didn’t compare), I regretted the fact that I didn’t own a pair of winter snow boots. I realized I hadn’t owned a… View Post

3 Ways to Invest in You

This post is slightly different than what your used to, but after focusing on myself lately, I wanted to share 3 ways you can invest in YOU in 2018. I’m not claiming to be an expert by any means, I’ve just learned a lot about myself this past year so I’m hoping these tips will give you a good start to the new year and you can invest in you too! #1 Be Proud When things don’t go as expected, we tend to think about what we did wrong, or what we could have done differently. Don’t get too caught up on the negatives, but focus more on the positives. Always look at what you’ve accomplished and how much you’ve learned from those experiences. Be proud, so that you can focus on the goals you want to set and what… View Post