Boogie Down Bell-Bottoms

When I think of the 70’s, I think of diversity and a different kind of style…when both men and women wore shaggy haircuts, platform shoes, and high-waisted bell-bottoms. Now here we are today, and I find it pretty freakin’ awesome that the 70’s has such an impact on today’s fashion.

But I have to give credit where credit is due, and it wasn’t until after I posted photos in these jeans that I decided they deserved a post.

It all started when I took a trip to Bloomingdales and came across these boogie down bell-bottoms from Free People. I hadn’t tried on a pair of bell-bottoms in forever, so of course I was curious to see how they’d fit!

While I walked to the fitting room, I remembered a close friend mentioning she owned the same pair I was about to try on (thanks for the hook-up Jess!), so that alone gave me a reason to give these flares a shot…

First of all, paying less than $80 for a pair of jeans? You can’t really beat that…and with it’s elastic waistband + light stretch material, they’re an easy fit. Aside from the price and feel, what really does it for me is the clean silhouette. It hugs the frame comfortably, unlike other jeans I’ve owned that fit too snug…especially on the knees, cause I hate that!

Another plus — being able to add some 70’s/western vibe to my wardrobe! I definitely couldn’t say no to that. The best part of it all is that I have the rest of Winter to play dress up and better yet, I’m looking forward to styling them in the warmer months too…which tells me they were worth the purchase 🙂

Now that I’ve shared my obsession over these denims, you can shop the same pair or similar ones below and don’t forget to let me know what you guys think about the bell-bottom trend below!

Xx Tai


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