Fall, Whites, and Neutrals

Fall, Whites, and Neutrals… some of my favorite things. I’m really digging this all white/neutral look. I think it’s because I tend to stay away from white after Labor Day. I honestly have no idea who came up with that rule, but certain rules are meant to be broken, and that is one I don’t intend to follow 🙂

I’m not gonna lie, I struggle with wearing white during the fall and winter seasons because I tend to stick to darker hues. Now that I own a pair of white ankle boots, I thought it was time for me to embrace this monochromatic look. These H&M boots were such a good buy. I got them for $69, which is a steal compared to other boots out there. The long sleeve ribbed knit is also from H&M (I shared similar pieces below!).

These soft ivory linen pants from Express are my go-to’s for so many reasons. I would definitely recommend if you’re on the hunt for everyday trousers. I wear them to work and basically any time I leave my apartment…no but seriously I fell in love with them so much that I own them in 2 more colors; black and warm stone 🙂 There also 40% off…you can’t beat that!

My Zac Posen bag is definitely one of the most unique handbags I own. With the metallic gold rhinestones, it was like nothing I had ever purchased before, so I just had to have it! I also really loved the color. You would think you couldn’t wear a bag like this all year round, but I do, so I thought it was totally worth the investment. Thanks for reading…hopefully this will encourage you to wear more white during this time of year! You can start off slow and wear one item instead of an entire outfit…all about baby steps!

PS – I thought I’d share the last photo because it reminds me of the chicken ranch salad I devoured at brunch that day…hence why it’s not pictured LOL.

Xx Tai


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