How To Get Yo’ Spring On

I dont know about you, but I’m getting to the point where waking up is getting harder, wearing closed toe shoes is overrated, and If I have to wear one more scarf…🙄 But seriously, I had a case of the winter blues and I needed to get rid of them ASAP. The only way I knew how (besides booking a trip on the beach) was to step it up a notch by brightening up one of my next few outfits.

I’ll be honest, pink isn’t usually my go-to, but I find myself getting into style ruts this time of the year. So any chance I get to wear something colorful, I’ll take it! It was also 50 degrees this day so I didn’t know how to act haha.

I’ve been wanting to wear these wide legged jean culottes for a while now, but I’d been so used to wearing the same colors and playing it safe, that I didn’t know how I felt about stepping out of my comfort zone in this look. I also hate to say it (actually I don’t) but, here is another monochrome look for the books!

I opted for some high top classic white chucks (I prefer the high tops over the low) but black boots would look great for a more chic winter-esque look. I just loved how the white brought out the different blush tones and of course I went with a pair of kicks because sneakers are just my favorite 🙂

So whose to say you can’t wear lighter colors in the Winter?!

Xx Tai

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