Self-care, What Does It Mean To You?

This might sound cliche, but after turning 30, I started to think about self-care and what it means. I guess it’s because I noticed a few changes when I hit 30, and while some of the changes have been great, other’s have reminded me that I’m also getting older, LOL.

So, when I think about self-care, there really is no right or wrong answer because it can mean different things to different people. Some people might choose to travel, some make it a priority to spend more time with loved ones, and others might start paying more attention to their health.

This year…I tend to focus on all of the above, but when I think of health, it’s a topic I feel like I’ve neglected in my 20’s, and I realized it could be anything as simple as developing habits and following a regimen that could help towards living a better lifestyle.

If you haven’t already noticed, mastering a skin regimen with instant results is nearly impossible. So you have to keep in mind that what works for me, might not work for you, (and vise versa). It can take time to figure out which products do what they’re supposed to do, and because my eyes have been puffier than the norm…I never really cared to focus on eye products that could help defuse puffiness, lighten up dark circles, or improve wrinkles…until now.

So, when VIIcode reached out to me and asked to try there T2 Oxygen Eye Cream, it was the perfect opportunity to start my search for an eye treatment that would help solve all of my problems.

Being Latina, we tend to struggle with dark circles…and we all know how difficult getting rid of dark circles can be! Because of that, I’m not sure this is the product I would use to help in that department, but I can definitely say this cream has helped reduce puffiness around my eyes, and I no longer have to worry about looking tired on Monday mornings.

This cream goes on super easy and any dry flakes I had are no longer visible so my eyelids feel super moisturized throughout the day. I also have to call out the black leather pouch it came in (pictured below). It’s perfect for traveling and I’ve also used it to hold accessories too.

Ok…so I talked about the pros, now let’s talk about the con’s: this eye cream retails at $99, which is higher than what I’m used to. If you’re not comfortable paying those kind of prices…this product might not be for you. Now, if you’re someone who feels like skincare is pricey no matter which way you look at it, then go for it.

The last thing I’d mention is that the size of the bottle is 5ML, so I would be cautious about how much product you use — maybe try using it once during the morning, then the next day only at night, etc…

Hope you guys enjoyed my post! I’d LOVE to hear what self-care means to you in 2019?

Xo Tai

*This post is sponsored by VIIcode, all thoughts, opinions, and recommendations are my own 🙂

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