The Belt Bag

Belt bags…my new obsession and definitely a top five when it comes to Spring trends.

You’re probably thinking, what’s the difference between a belt bag and a fanny pack? They look exactly the same. They do…in a way. Belt bags have a more sophisticated/modern look to them. You can also dress them up and down. Fanny pack’s may not work too well for special occasions, but if you get the right belt bag, you’ll be able to wear it to any formal event.

I’ve used this Louis Vuitton Monogram Pochette bag as a wallet, clutch, and how I have it pictured, wrapped around my waist like a belt. I was really indecisive about this purchase (I thought long and hard before investing in this piece LOL), but I eventually caved in and being able to wear it different ways sealed the deal.

When I first started to notice these bags, there were very few brands making them and the ones that were, were high-end designer. Now, there’s plenty of options at fairly reasonable prices so if you decide to get one (which I suggest you do!), my advice would be to find one you can wear often and get more use out of, whether you decide to splurge or not….

If belt bags aren’t for you, you can opt for a short strap cross body bag. These are also a must-have, and if you already have a bag with an adjustable strap, you can alter it that way or go to a leather goods expert to add more holes onto the strap. I did that to a Fossil bag that I own and now I’m able to wear it as a belt bag too…win/win!

Thanks for reading! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog and it made me realize how much I love writing and sharing my recommendations with you guys! 🙂

PS, I’m sharing some of my favorite belt bags at different price points below. Happy Shopping!



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