The Chunky Winter Boot

This winter has been brutal, and if your a New Yorker and your reading this, I’m sure you feel my pain! It takes a lot of effort to get ready and bundling up takes the fun out of dressing up, am I right?

Finding winter gear this time of the year is important, especially if your walking a lot during the week. I always look for comfort, style, and versatility. Versatility is a big focus for me these days. If an item can’t be warn with more than one outfit, it’s gotta go back where it came from, LOL.

So when the snow storm hit us a few weeks ago (we had a little something yesterday, but it didn’t compare), I regretted the fact that I didn’t own a pair of winter snow boots. I realized I hadn’t owned a pair because I never found anything I liked enough. It’s really hard to find a pair of snow boots that look cute and don’t make you look like your in space. Sure, there’s a few out there that are fashionable, but the majority of them are upwards of $300 and at this point in the year (considering it’s almost February, wow!), I don’t feel like spending that much. Not now anyway 🙂

When I started looking, I was surprised to see the chunky boot made the cut. I’ve been eyeing this trend since the Fall, so I was excited to finally take the plunge and purchase a pair. I found a few I was into, but I had to go with the classic Dr. Martens. I loved the way they looked with any outfit and it brought me back to the 90’s and Clueless days. That scene where Brittany Murphy AKA Tai (go figure!), gets to the frat party wearing a silver pair. That was basically my sign, haha!

I went with the Black Leona Hook 7’s because I love the platform heel. It makes the boot look more sophisticated and I felt like I could dress them up too. They do run big, so go one size down. Be warned…they’re sold in UK sizes. I actually didn’t realize that and got them 3 sizes too big. I ordered them on at 15% off, so go check out their website for deals!


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