The Floral Maxi with a Twist

It’s no surprise I would pair this floral maxi with a denim jacket. I call this, the floral maxi with a twist. I’ve actually never worn a formal dress like this before. I think it’s because I played it safe and only wore them on special occasions.

Because of the color, I was hesitant to wear it during the cooler months and felt like I had to settle for summers. I actually remember why I bought the dress in the first place. I was determined to order one for a friend’s wedding and stumbled upon this one on Asos. It was love at first sight. The gray was soft enough to be subtle, the floral print was bright enough to make the dress stand out, and the backless detail was more than enough for me to pull out my credit card.

On the day of the wedding, I got so many compliments but there was always the thought that I wouldn’t wear the dress again. It’s not because I wasn’t into it, I actually loved it. It was the fact that I already wore it to a major event. I know that might sound silly, but that seems to be the dilemma when it comes to pieces that stand out. They tend to be obvious, which is why I hadn’t worn the dress in over a year, and then one day it hit me. The dress was too pretty to sit in my closet, so this time around, I had to think of a way to add a twist to the look.

I seriously think this denim jacket can go with anything and after trying it on, I knew it was the way to go. I also liked how it gave the dress an urban feel to it. Who would of ever thought you could dress down a maxi like this and make it look stylish at the same time? Certainly not me…until now 🙂

Given I wore this outfit in LA and the weather was amazing, I probably didn’t need to wear a jacket but I wanted to show you guys how this outfit could be worn during NYC’s fall season. Of course I wore my favorite sock booties and mini Gucci bag. The burnt orange really completed the look and brought out the brighter tones in the dress. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone for this one, so if you’re the type of person that likes to stick to neutrals, thats totally fine. You can pull a replica of this look with neutral tones and pair it with a leather, puffer coat, blazer, whatever works for you. Just believe me when I tell you it’ll look great no matter what you decide to wear it with!

Xx Tai


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Shoes: Zara// Jacket: Levis// Dress: Asos // Bag: Gucci //  Oval Shades: Forever21

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