The Glen Plaid Blazer

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this post with you guys, and it’s all about the glen plaid blazer, a must have for this season (and seasons to come). Because we’re at the end of October, it should be a bit colder out but the weather in NYC hasn’t quite gotten there just yet so for now, this plaid blazer will be on repeat.

I’m actually happy blazers are going strong this year. Two years ago I got rid of some, and now I tell myself I need to really think before I decide to let go of certain items. As I mentioned in my previous posts, certain styles are born to make a comeback one way or another…

I’ll give you an example…I purchased a jacket from a vintage shop in Brooklyn, Beacons Closet, two seasons ago and it was also the glen print, which is my favorite type of plaid. I don’t know what possessed me to take that jacket to Buffalo Exchange, because as you can tell I regret every minute of it. It was trench coat style and wool material. The colors were similar to the one pictured here.

Thinking about letting it go inspired me to go on a quest in finding something similar. I wanted a blazer this time around because I figured I could layer it when it got colder. So there I was…on a mission to finding the perfect blazer and believe it or not, there were a lot to choose from. Since I was sticking to a budget my choices were limited and after trying on several, Zara was the winner! It was under $75 and I liked the fact that it was thicker than others I had seen. I can’t get enough of this blazer, from the details, the colors, the red plaid lining. Most importantly, it can make any outfit look like you thought long and hard to put together when really, you just threw it over basics.

I paired it with my boyfriend jeans from Forever21. I’ve had them for so many years and I honestly can’t believe they’ve lasted for so long. I’m not too surprised though, I have a few goodies from FX21 that are still in top form, and If I’m being honest, it was 75 degrees out so I went with a black push-up from American Eagle to go under instead of a top…LOL

When Luke and I visited Italy 2.5 years ago, I purchased the leather bag in the photos from Florence. I was looking for a good quality medium-sized bag that wasn’t black. I didn’t want to break the bank so I did some research and read about Massimo Leather. If you ever make a trip to Florence, I would highly recommend checking it out. I love this bag because it came with two straps. One is removable so I can also wear it as a mini satchel.

Last but not least, the suede shoes are from Urban Outfitters. I love a good pair of thick heeled open toe shoes and these are pretty comfortable too. I’m already thinking about what I can pair the blazer with next to give it a more fall look. I think I’ll go on a hunt for a pair of red sock booties. Knowing me that won’t be an easy task, LOL… but I can’t wait to share with you which one’s end up winning my heart 🙂

Xx Tai


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Shoes: Urban Outfitters// Blazer: Zara// Jeans: FX21 // Bag: Massimo Leather

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