The Modern Prairie Dress

Besides the fact that my hair looks shinier, the leaves turn color, and the humidity slowly begins to disappear, a part of what I love most about Fall is reading up on what’s trending.

While there’s so many trends to fall in love with this season, I was pumped to see that dresses continue to parade the streets. However, this time around, it’s the Prairie dress that’s making a statement.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the classic books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Little House on the Prairie and if you aren’t you should be, because this is where the inspiration on Prairie dresses originated. A time during the late 1800’s, when women felt restrained from wearing particular clothing. Only suddenly there’s a modern twist on today’s generation of Prairie dresses, and what once was conservative is now a mix of sexy-bohemian and vintage-classic.

What I love most about these dresses is how much personality they have and that they practically speak for themselves. Although Prairie dresses might be considered a bit formal, there’s no denying that you can pair them with sneakers or boots, a belt, or wear them over jeans to add some contrast. Of course, you do have several choices on the silhouette and style, but to not feel like you’re actually from the 19th century, it’s important to find the right dress that suits you.

The good news is that there’s several versions to choose from. Some are cut straight, oversized, some have a sheer overlay (like the one I’m wearing here), some come more defined in the waist, have a front tie, ruffled necklines or puffy sleeves, florals, mid calf vs maxi’s, you name it, the options are endless!

Because metallic is making a comeback this season, I couldn’t resist purchasing these kitten heeled mules and pairing them with this H&M flounced dress. If you can’t tell by my photos, I felt absolutely beautiful in it and believe it or not, it’s pretty comfortable too!

So…have I made my case for Prairie dresses yet? If not, take a peak at a few options below. Hopefully, you’ll be convinced 🙂

Xx Tai



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