The Perfect Matching Set

With matching sets all over the scene this year and so many styles being a hit, it isn’t easy trying to find one that keeps you styling from head to toe.

To top it all off, most of the pieces I was crushing over were sold online, which made it even more challenging! One thing I told myself was that I wasn’t going to settle for just any kind of two piece, nor was I going to spend money on something I wasn’t 100% in love with.

So, the only way I was going to be overly obsessed with my choice was to focus on the pros and cons for each set I ordered. After several attempts, I wish I’d gotten a warning about the matching set debacle! But, you guys are just in luck because today I’m sharing my guide on how to find the perfect matching set and how I fell hard for this one on

First off, SOLIDS FOR THE WIN… and you know I love prints more than the next person, but sticking to solid colored sets (especially black) will definitely come in handy. It’s better to keep it simple. But it’s not only about simplicity, it’s actually the only way you’ll get away with wearing it twice maybe even 3x a week. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

MORE WAYS THAN ONE. Try finding a matching set you can wear multiple ways. You should be able to wear the top with the bottom, but wear them separately too. The best part about this one from Lulu’s, and if you haven’t already noticed, is that it looks different every time I’ve worn it. I wore the crop top itself in 3 different ways. Versatility at it’s finest!

ALL YEAR ROUND, and then some. I’ll continue to bring this up on every post I write but with anything you purchase, you should be thinking about how often you can wear it throughout the year. This matching set received extra points when I realized I could add a blouse under the crop top, t-shirt, wear a blazer over it…the skies the limit! However you decide to wear it, it’ll be the perfect transition into a new season.

SKIRTS OVER PANTS AND VISE VERSA: I bring this up because I was determined to look for a crop top and pants matching set. But then it registered, and the reason why I loved this set so much was because it came in a skirt. I don’t own many skirts BTW, so that’s what drew me to this one in particular. The key is to continuously add new pieces to your wardrobe based on what you need more of, so that you have options.

I hope this post was helpful and if you’re interested in purchasing a matching set, you can shop some of my favorite picks below, including one that’s very similar to the one I own linked here! PS – If you don’t see your size, you can add in your email address and they will contact you when it’s back in stock 🙂

Xx Tai



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